“The BIM Management Handbook” David Shepherd. RIBA Publishing. 2015


Concentrating on the how rather than the why this will help you to adapt by clearly, and without jargon, explaining standard BIM processes, Government standards and the effective coordination of design, construction and asset information. Spanning both organisational strategy and day-to-day practical tasks it explores bottom line business reasoning as well as potential risks and challenges. Extra features include:The BIM Managment Handbook

– Case studies that demonstrate real world approaches as well as problems and solutions
– Checklists for adequately resourcing BIM roles and responsibilities in relation to PAS-1192
– Self-check questions allowing you to evaluate your BIM implementation methodology

This is the go-to guide for BIM Coordinators and Managers, architectural principals, design team leaders and architectural technicians ensuring you are ‘BIM ready’ in 2016. It will also be invaluable for Part 3 students getting to grips with BIM strategy and implementation.

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